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tv   Headline News  RT  June 29, 2014 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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instrumental. in the. breaking news on r t a cameramen working for russia's channel one has reportedly been killed and done yet ski eastern ukraine a cease fire between pro and anti-government forces in ukraine is supposed to be in forth until monday night but reports and video suggest the truce has been violated many times throughout the week. to mr fighters in iraq to clear a breakaway islamic state on lands they have captured as the army tries to keep the militants out of the capital. and poland's foreign minister says his country's alliance with the u.s. has proved worthless and even harmful this in a leaked conversation. broadcasting
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live direct from our studios in moscow recapping the week's top stories this is r t with the weekly i'm john thomas going to have you with with us we start with a breaking news this hour a camera man for one of russia's main t.v. channels has been killed in the city of done yet sk notion i was able to confirm this with the channel one crew there and gave us all of the details. the toll it close on seventy year old cameraman of one of russia's main t.v. channels died after he received a bullet to his toe mark while working in the city often ask in eastern ukraine he was nor to even at the frontline when it happened he was with his reporter and sound assistant they were driving towards one of the city's military bases they were. followed by abbas karine the mothers of ukrainian conscripts so we know little information about the exact mission of these women but most likely they
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wanted to talk to bring military controlling the base and negotiate over this sounds and also another car they're carrying journalists from british is life news the very media whose reporters her had been earlier arrested and later following tough negotiations released and the correspondent of life need to have been reporting from the scene about the shooting started very unexpectedly and the quarter horse targeted and tiring starting at the moment when the cars were approaching the military base it is very hard to say moment exactly why the firing started and to who exactly will shoot in perfect life news correspondent reports that it was done by ukrainian military two russian journalists sound assistant and reporter both very young man both with families who were paid by multiple not far from where we are now several kilometers from the city of lugansk and they also
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died at the scene which is bury them last week. artie's more if a notion of force vera now sporadic fighting between pro and anti-government forces is still breaking out in eastern ukraine this despite a cease fire that was due to hold until monday night russia and many other countries helped to broker that truce now ukraine's president officially declared a cease fire on friday then have held its first ever talks with activists in the east and their leaders agreed to lay down their weapons russia and o. s. c.e. representatives were present during those negotiations excuse me were present during those negotiations president vladimir putin then discussed the deescalation effort with the ukrainian french and german leaders in a phone conversation russian president then made another move to calm the situation asking parliament to cancel an order allowing russia to use military force in ukraine the ceasefire was extended on friday and anti-government forces again said that they would abide by it they went on to release so as the monitors who were
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detained in eastern ukraine in nearly a month ago many civilians say that their lives have been up ended by weeks of being trapped inside a war zone. to do it then you can only give them but neither. of us let us know that but i thought it was the. beginning to do it while you look about me when you don't actually look like you was it. not. my eyes in the bush you i mean yeah you was the more you know i did a michigan you should think that given that notion is a national plate you should take your clothes you. do you can get there you want. the leaders of russia ukraine germany and france again discussed the peace efforts in a phone call on sunday they talked about the possibility of sending international monitors to the russian ukrainian border new reports have been coming in of
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fighting between pro and anti forces you can see this burning army base in done yet the pro tommy forces are believed to have taken the facility over and then there was this video shot of slovyansk on sunday there has been another outbreak of deadly violence there this according to a local resident. who you could argue they started firing from the mountain with the ukrainian troops they hit residential areas of the city it went on for forty five minutes i've seen it's all a couple photos on my phone calls the destroyed marketplace houses riddled with holes three people were killed and many more wounded and we haven't searched all the buildings yet. both sides of violated the cease fire on several occasions throughout the week people living in climate say that their city was shelled numerous times one woman was reportedly killed in the village of approval during a spike of violence in there and then again in slovyansk a woman and her twenty six year old son died during an army shelling incident
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outside of the war ravaged city self defense fighters forced the army out of their checkpoint unconfirmed reports suggest that the military then fought back to take it but ended up losing twenty soldiers in that battle and then there are the shells that fired were fired from ukraine and fell across the border in russia damaging a checkpoint in their. market is a senior lecturer in international relations at moscow state university he says that even though the ukrainian president has put forward a detailed peace plan there are violent groups with significant clout in kiev which the government cannot control the government such as it is in kiev has very limited control it depends to a large extent still on these ultra nationalist paramilitary groups for its survival its hold on power in kiev and it has been afraid to challenge them we saw
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a trade union meeting in kiev attacked by an arm of the right sector mob and with complete impunity and we have seen this repeatedly that they act they attack individuals groups buildings churches throughout the country and the government does nothing to rein them in and this holds true on the battlefield as well. not everybody is on board with the cease fire currently in place in ukraine members of the government's national guard protested against the truce in kiev and demanded more weapons to fight activists in the east some in the crowd suggested that this might be their last peaceful rally unless president poroshenko gives in to their demands. now many people have been fleeing the war torn east of ukraine ever since the conflict broke out the u.n. says over one hundred thousand have fled to russia this year but the u.s. is not convinced that that number is
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a legitimate. since the start of two thousand and fourteen one hundred and ten thousand ukrainians have arrived in russia we just have seen no evidence to support that we don't believe they're credible we're watching we just don't think that the hundreds of thousands number is credible we don't have anything to corroborate it but this is the u.n. this isn't the russians saying you know not being there is this is an agency you guys give millions and millions of dollars to in there now when we don't have anything to back up that number. coming up a look at a deal that has firmly realigned ukraine towards europe. there is still no end in sight for the conflict in the east one which washington accuses russia of provoking but as we reported later america's threats of sanctions are proving controversial at home. to other news now the jihad us a group isis which has made a rapid territorial gains in iraq over the past few weeks has announced the creation of a breakaway islamic state in the so-called caliphate covers much of northern iraq
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and also part of syria where the group is in control of several regions the announcement comes at a time of intense fighting across iraq government troops are trying to prevent the extremists from seizing key cities including the capital the latest clashes erupted just fifty kilometers outside baghdad leaving dozens of soldiers dead but it's despite the group's gains in iraq robert naiman from just foreign policy thinks that the jihad ists are unlikely to achieve the same success in nearby countries. they controlled territory and so far neither the syrian government nor the rug government nor the dow was. any position to fundamentally change that now it sounds to me is not empty i think you need to be posed to the extent that the implied that they're sort of contesting for our throughout the arab and islamic world that i think is an empty threat and there's
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no prospect of turkey and saudi arabia. are going to come under their control but disturbing evidence is emerging of how the militants are gaining new recruits and as you can see here in this video boys armed with automatic rifles are traveling in an isis convoy some children are also reportedly being put to work as snipers and all of this is pushing iraq to the brink as artie's lucy caffein off reports. despite the chaos spreading across the country and eerie calm in the kurdish capital the city is just sixty kilometers from the isis front line but a downtown air built it was business as usual kurdistan has often felt like a separate country altogether even at the height of iraq's most violence and the bloodiest moments now but the current crisis treading the country to pieces it's closer than ever to becoming one with kurdish soldiers are now in control of
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territory that used to be disputed but no one here seems to think that harvest would dare march on them. but i have full faith in the forces we won let anything happen. for some the prospect of a divided iraq was a welcome one do you think that iraq war made of one country as we know what's after this crisis may be posted may be that iraq will have to be divided will have area and the sunnis and shias will have there is no one in kurdistan is more and we have oil we have a strong army. they may help or oil but fuel is running scarce for days now iraqi forces battled with isis for control of the country's largest oil refinery this is one of the first things you notice here in our build these massive gas lines some of the cars have been here for hours since the morning many people in fact camped out overnight to try to get online so they can get gas
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frustrated residents line up to get their share authorities have limited each individual to thirty leaders that's less than what it takes to fill two tanks the people we've spoken to said there haven't been lines like this for fuel since big outbreak of the u.s. led invasion back in two thousand and three and although there are shortages here in erbil parts of northern iraq have run out of gas even on the black market and so people are stocking up they say that they don't know what the ring of the fear is but it's looking a lot worse before it gets better that's a sentiment we heard from many here and it's not just a nice fleeing the violence we encountered shia refugees to october job or came here six days ago from baghdad in baghdad the situation has gone from bad to worse the people are arming themselves and getting ready to fight one another always seeing the future is bloodshed and violence if something doesn't change iraq will be a country of new friends and widows caffein of erbil iraq but the coffin of the civil
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surely this week the kurdish regional government said it wasn't weighing up plans to establish an autonomous state and. northern iraq and that goal has been endorsed by the prime minister of israel his position seems to clash sharply with the u.s. government's views on how to quell the unrest in the region washington has called on the kurdish leaders to stand by baghdad but at the same time it is eyeing a military aid package for rebels fighting the government and it may bring in syria . u.s. a president barack obama has urged congress to approve five hundred billion dollars to be spent on training and equipping syrian opposition fighters if the funding is approved it would mark of the first to direct u.s. involvement in the syrian conflict let's take a closer look at how washington's role has developed just a year ago washington gave the green light to to non-lethal support for the so-called moderate rebels but that later ended up in the hands of a jihad ists and america was forced to suspend the aid however earlier this month
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america admitted it has been covertly sending actual weapons to the opposition fighters anti-war campaigner brian becker thinks that the u.s. is failing to learn from its past mistakes the united states appears they have a schizo front foreign policy there they're saying they demand unity in iraq behind the central government which is fighting what they call islamic extremists from i so where is this and at the same time they're funding these same armed groups in syria to take down an independent nationalist and sovereign government in syria what the u.s. is doing and has been doing this finally in money guns and more occupation tools in a region that it considers to be vital because it's resource rich that's about it. coming up in the program thousands of refugees from africa fall in the hands of ruthless smuggling. they reportedly torture their hostages and demand cash for their release more of that just ahead. poland's foreign
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minister has made some strongly worded remarks about his country's relationship with the u.s. in a recording obtained by the polish magazine approached he even compared the alliance to a sex act according to the magazine no doubt us love sikorsky believes his country is doing everything it can to well please america while getting nothing in return he also thinks the partnership has been detrimental to warsaw's ties with other nations alienating both russia and germany moscow has shown some sympathy for his comments though saying that the colorful language was most likely a response to controversial remarks made by senior state department official victoria nuland back in february so that would be great i think to help glue this thing and have the u.n. help glue it and you know the e.u. now but it's not just the u.s. the polish foreign minister is less than satisfied with sikorsky pulled no punches
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when talking about the british prime minister's dealing with euro skeptics suggesting david cameron bowed to pressure when he should have stayed a strong and is that if that weren't enough sikorsky went on to recall other times he believes cameron it misfired politically saying he is not likely to change needless to say the embarrassingly frank diplomatic conversation has caused quite a stir here's what some of the commentators we spoke to are saying. let me sir in something which is obvious far for everyone here in poland for most of the analysts as does voiced the opinion which is shared by most of the population here actually it raises other troubling questions about the judgment of a man who is after all his country's chief diplomatic representative who aspires to be the chief diplomatic representative of the entire european union and the governments he has been so scathing about the governments of britain and the united states the very countries which have supported him throughout his career into what
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you feel so much i think it shows that there is a real awareness among the circles of power in poland as to what the relationship with the united states has really brought them which is nothing. as always we've got plenty more for you online including a tank battle outside of moscow. but fortunately it's not for real crews and armored machines are competing in a biathlon involving twelve different countries going head to our t.v. dot com for the full story and some very impressive footage of tanks are really cool. plus a humanoid capable of climbing ladders opening doors and driving a car google presents a new robot which it says could save lives in emergency situations it's all on our website just for you. ukraine of finally signed a trade agreement with the european union and this week the refusal of the country's previous leader to do so was one of the main it triggers of this ongoing
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crisis however the new leader insists this is just a first step towards closer ties with europe we see you see that. ukraine as a utopian country under the forty nine article will have an opportunity. for the membership perspective this is a very important carrot for ukraine and to a cop. it financially challenged europe still doesn't appear to be quite ready for ukraine but commissioner for enlargement has said kiev still needs to prove its european credentials and enact reforms the blocks energy commissioner has warned of a bailout for greece is peanuts compared to what will be needed to save economy the president of the european commission says the e.u. is simply not ready to welcome ukraine right now and that sentiment is also echoed by the foreign minister of europe's powerhouse germany which comes as no surprise to financial expert patrick young. ukraine which last year was in
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a catastrophic position how did signed a free trade association this year is going to associate with the european union the point when it's on the brink already of economic disaster this is it kept a strong move for the ukrainian economy the only winners either this or a few sadly deluded egos whether they are in brussels whether they are in washington who believe some horror of that they've achieved a great deal of political victory for the people of ukraine there are no jobs to be hard here there's only going to be job and also as. washington has been blaming russia for stirring up the conflict in ukraine since its beginning and threatening sanctions unless it stops but america's plants are facing staunch opposition from western businesses and here's a look at why russia is being and emerging market with a growing income has been quite attractive for u.s. companies and the possibility of being cut off from that market is making american
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business bosses very nervous but just who's involved in russia boeing buys nearly a third of its titanium here in the country is also one of the fastest growing markets for pepsi as well also u.s. car manufacturers have a huge interest in the russian market with general motors and ford selling tens of thousands of vehicles here last year alone and the u.s. chamber of commerce and the national association of manufacturers have launched an ad campaign to explain just why new sanctions will backfire they say it will leave u.s. companies scrambling to keep up with firms from other countries earlier we spoke to the president of the franco russian chamber of commerce and industry. it should have been because they actually. put it to good system you said white no. talking about it going to be called sanctions so we need to raise over and tell them that they should not do it again they should use diplomacy to do so do you
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condemn the crazies using and taking into host. companies with the u.s. europe and all french companies this is something which isn't acceptable for us what the sanctions are doing is isolating the united states' economy and instead of isolating russia they were meant to isolate russia but given the trend of world trade for all of the exports that russia has and for diplomacy there isin their backfiring in isolating the united states it's a very strange business logic it doesn't make sense logically so it has to be. enthusiastic about the sanctions against russia the two countries this week struck a major gas pipeline deal with president vladimir putin in attendance and the issue of ukraine came up during a lighthearted exchange i don't want to feel ten but is it in poutine.
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i was there just. a bit. at the table and. in the. right as they're going in and out cold the main. however the south stream pipeline deal between austria and russia is not going down well in washington you can find out why on our website r t dot com. now take a swing around the globe to look at some other news making headlines around the world hundreds of people gathered for a rally outside the b.b.c. studios in the scottish city of glasgow the demonstrators voiced very anger over the news organizations coverage of a coming independence referendum accusing it of bias in favor of british unity. israel has carried out several airstrikes on militant bases in gaza officials say
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twelve locations were targeted destroying several rocket launchers and manufacturing sites palestinian officials say that a fighter was killed in an earlier drone strike meanwhile israeli troops are continuing their large scale search for three teenage boys believed to have been abducted by hamas. the purser set himself on fire in front of horrified crowds in central tokyo a man was demonstrating against changes to deterrence that's the first constitution to allow the deployment of troops overseas he survived with burns covering his whole body and is being treated in a hospital japan has a powerful defense force that has maintained a tough restrictions on its use since the second cold for. at least twenty people have been killed in two separate building collapses in india the rescue teams are still sifting through the rubble of a twelve story structure in southern india that came down killing at least nine
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people few hours earlier a residential building in new delhi toppled leaving eleven dead and dozens trapped officials say the disasters were caused by heavy rain along with poor maintenance and low quality construction materials. now for thousands of israel bound refugees from africa the search for a better life ends up in torture camps they fall into the hands of ruthless smuggling gangs who demand cash for their hostages release now the migrant flow through sinai in egypt is intense up to three thousand people per month come from of the east african state of alone but human traffickers are said to use torture and even mutilation rape and psychological pressure against their captives if the families refuse to pay up the hostages are often executed or than four thousand people are estimated to have been killed in this way since two thousand and eight and around a thousand are thought to be in captivity right now now despite the retreat and the
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president calling for an investigation egyptian authorities have turned a blind eye to the kidnappings israel's prime minister once even described the refugees as infiltrators. is a swedish retreat a journalist and activist trying to raise awareness about the victims of torture by putting their plight on the big screen. machine. they were melting plastic mats drawing it in their backs this is. the matter on the estefan else also pointed to the difference in the way captives
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are treated depending on their nationality. i have seen kids children that are two years old being tortured the torture is it's not any other tortured like we see a horror movie or something it's where people are tortured twenty four hours a day last year a norwegian woman was kidnapped in the same area and it took about a week for her to be released americans getting kidnapped in the sinai. it took only twenty four hours to release them this happens all quite often to westerners as well but they're out with days and they don't get to experience the torture as a free country. it has to do with was race. and you can watch the full interview which was broadcast on in the now on our website artie dot com up next it's a venture capital counting the money behind the world cup followed by the truth seeker getting to the bottom of the ukrainian crisis but for our u.k. viewers it's a look behind the scenes at r.t.e.
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and news teams there with us. as a new physician i swear to abide by the hippocratic oath. to the best of my ability and judgment. i will prescribe for the good of my patients. i will not give deadly doses to anybody. or advise of those to do so. i will never do harm to the. doctors of the dogs on. this is what we do we kill people and break things. we can see something as simple
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as people playing soccer games we can see individual players and if you see the ball. you can almost see is facial expression you can see is a mouth open crying out. maybe cursed us or maybe he asked. for forgiveness for. there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured. i'm. i'm i'm i'm.
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alone welcome such an old joke dates is the end of all it's all but not so closing in moscow but luckily for us the sun hasn't finished everywhere so if we pop called bikes i'm going to search for a song winter's knocking at moscow's door which we normally see done a long johns just yet so we travel to europe to soak up some rays imbibes a culture and see what's going on in the world of technology fronts was europe's largest exporter of electricity last year but despite this abundance in power the country is still looking for new energy sources and even those to bring the power the jobs the sun dumps the word. there's a lot of energy in france i'm not just talking about the street dances.